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Treating gum recession

Recession of the gums is a problem caused by periodontal disease that compromises the body’s natural defenses against bacteria and trauma. For minor recession, you may have enough of an existing gumline to still protect your teeth. However, if the recession is too severe, your first line of defense against bacteria is lost. This may also result in root sensitivity, tooth pain and an unsightly appearance of both the gums and teeth.

Treating bone loss

Bone loss is a serious problem that can accompany tooth loss and can lead to cosmetic changes in your face that affect both your appearance and the way you chew your food. Without the adequate underlying supporting structure of bone, placing dentures or other dental restorations can be difficult.

Rebuilding supporting bone

Our periodontist uses material from your own bone or one of many available bone substitutes that your body will naturally accept and replace with new, natural bone tissue. This process will restore or regenerate missing bone around teeth that has been subjected to longstanding periodontal disease or to rebuild dental ridges for placement of dental implants.

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